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Why Choose Bharti Eye Hospital?


Bharti Eye Foundation was established in 1985.

National Accreditation Board(NABH)

It is NABH accredited and is owned by Dr. S. Bharti, one of India’s leading Ophthalmologist.


With over 35+ years of experience

Femtosecond Z-8 Laser System

Dr. S. Bharti is the first to start Femtosecond Z-8 Laser System in India.


Bharti Eye Foundation & Hospital provides the latest technology, surgical procedures and diagnostic facilities.

1 Lakh+ Cataract Surgery

Three Decades of Trust. More than 1 Lakh Successful Cataract Surgery Done


The center provides a complete spectrum of eye care services

Optical Showroom

Our Optical Showroom section have Wide Range of Lens and Stylish Frames.


"Your eyes are the lamp of your body. So, if your eyes are healthy, your whole body shall light up."
Life is too short for bad eyesight. Isn’t it irksome when you have to remind yourself that you cannot step into the pool because of your contact lenses? Wearing high power glasses affects your social and personal life in a number of ways. In fact, poor eyesight can be the reason for hindrance in your professional life too.
A man dreamt of flying a plane and travelling across the globe. However, he could not fulfil his dream of flying because of poor eyesight. He could have achieved his dreams only if he knew about Bharti Eye Hospital. The hospital offers cataract eye surgery in Delhi.
You find yourself in an iffy situation where you need to think thrice before stepping into the pool. Don’t you wish to leave your glasses behind and view the world in high definition? Who wouldn’t desire such a noble and tempting offer? Bharti Eye Hospital is the place where your eyes can get a new life!

How do you come to know when you get cataract?

  • Glare becomes painful for your eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Reading vision becomes poor
  • Diffraction of light

The Common Eye Problems and Its Causes
As we start ageing, our eyes become weaker. You will find that most people would associate cataract with ageing. That’s not entirely true! Cataract could also be caused by injuries.

There are three types of cataract:

  • Nuclear Sclerotic
  • Cortical
  • Posterior Sub capsular

The good news is that there is a cataract eye surgery hospital in Delhi which offers this service. There are two branches which have multiple stay options available nearby.

Do note that the surgery is safe and it is done under expert supervision. You will be in safe hands! Cataract eye surgery is a type of surgery that can either go brilliantly or completely wrong. Trusting the right people is the key!

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Gift Your Eyes a New Life

Most people fear the thought of hospitalization. If you are travelling from another city, you can stay in your choice of hotel or a relative’s home because there is no hospitalization involved.

The doctors use the latest and also the safest technology to do the surgery. It is the team of professional doctors, who would give you the confidence to opt for the surgery because they have several years of expertise in the field.

Whether it is Lasik and Cataract surgery, Cornea Transplant, or a Retina surgery, you will find the best services here. Do note that sharp vision allows you to see the world with clarity.

You can opt for cataract surgery in Kailash Colony, Delhi. If it is too far for you, can check out the cataract surgery in Patel Nagar, Delhi as the choice is strictly yours.

You have lived most of your life behind those heavy glasses. It is time to take them out and view the beautiful world around you in high definition. This is only possible when you opt for the superior services at Bharti Eye Hospital. Consider this as an investment because you will be gifting your eyes a brand new life!


People usually freak out at the name of cataract surgery. The modern technology used for cataract surgery is very much convenient and safe for the patients. For Cataract Surgery in Delhi or in any other area, you must consult a good doctor and a good eye hospital where they use the modern technology.

For example, you can opt for ZEPTO CATARACT SURGERY in many hospitals. Zepto is a new procedure for cataract surgery which has been introduced recently.

This procedure for cataract surgery is preferred over the other modern procedures for many reasons. It is cost effective and convenient. Not only that, zepto uses high-quality technologies for the treatment as well.

The most distinct feature of the zepto is that it uses an element of super-elastic nitinol capsulotomy ring which is collapsible and contains the microscale elements for creating the strong Zepto capsulotomy edge which is unique.

The clear silicone suction cups for the convenient treatment. The phacoemulsification process used in the cataract surgery of zepto is unique and safe for the patients. This process is used in most of the Cataract Surgery Hospital in Delhi.

Cataract Surgery

Gone are the days when people had no option for their medical problems. Lengthy and risky procedures were carried out for treatment of many such medical conditions. The world has gone far with new and advanced technology. In medical science today, there are all kinds of treatment available for curing many such medical conditions which were thought to be impossible in the past. In the field of medical science, eye surgeries have been improved a lot in the past few decades. Using the new technology, now it is possible to cure many diseases.

Just like any other eye disease, there are revolutionary methods of treatment available for cataract too. Cataract is a disease which is generally seen as a person ages. It is mainly seen in aged people but children can also be affected by it too. It is a condition in which cloudy vision is faced by the patients. The condition could worsen over time and can also permanently cause blindness. There can be any cause for which cataract happens. The most common cause is ageing. Apart from that, it may also be caused by too much exposure to UV light, diabetes, hypertension etc. With the new technology available in Cataract Eye Surgery, you can reverse the symptoms and it may never occur again.

What are the Symptoms of Cataracts?

The most common symptom for cataract is a cloudy or hazy vision. Your eyesight, especially if you have nearsightedness may increase gradually. You can face double vision. You also might have problems in the glare caused by sunlight or any other light like lamps. In cataract, people also face problems in distinguishing between colours. It is always better to do a proper eye checkup for cataract diagnosis. You must find the Best Cataract Doctors available in your area or other areas for the checkup.

  • Cloudy or filmy vision
  • Changes in the way you see colours
  • Problems driving at night because of glare from car headlights
  • Problems with glare from lamps or the sun
  • Frequent changes in your glasses prescription (increasing short-sightedness)
  • Double vision

How quickly will I see after surgery?

Cataract eye surgery is done to restore your vision back to normal and to ensure that you can see properly. in the procedure for surgery, the plastic lens is used to replace the cloudy lens which is affecting the patient for cataract. The cataract eye surgery is very short. It generally takes about 10-15 minutes for the completion of the entire procedure. You also do not have to worry about your eyesight is back to normal. As soon as you have undergone the surgery, you can get your normal vision from the next day itself.

When can I work?

If you are working in an office, you can get back to your normal work schedule within a few days. In case you work in a dusty environment, you need to take at least four weeks off before you can resume your normal work. Also, daily activities like jogging, bending, shopping or going out can be resumed from the next day onwards itself.

Are activities restricted after surgery?

In case you are a sportsman/sportswoman, you have to resume your activities after a month or so. The Cataract Eye Surgeons would advise you with additional restrictions if applicable in your situation. You can also fly as a passenger the next day after the cataract operation. But in case you are a pilot, you have to undergo a normal test for the flying license. You can check with your eye doctor for additional information or restrictions.

Will I still need to wear glasses?

After the surgery is over, you usually do not need to wear glasses. Long distance glasses are normally not required after the surgery is over. But again you should check with your surgeon. If you do not have monovision, reading glasses are normally prescribed. In case you have monovision, your surgeon may advise you to wear glasses in some cases.

Cataract is a normal eye problem just like any other disease. You must be properly diagnosed with cataract like any other disease. This will ensure proper treatment as well. While going for cataract surgery, you must consult with your doctor about the modern treatment technologies. Usually, there are no risks involved but you must check with your doctor for further instructions. After surgery, you must follow proper procedures and restrictions if any. It is better if you opt for a good hospital and good surgeons for your cataract treatment. It might also be anything other than cataract. Due to this, you must always consult a good doctor.


  • Blade-Less, Stitch-Less
  • US – FDA Approved
  • Laser Capsulotomy*
  • Robotic Precision & Safety


  • Stitch-Less
  • US – FDA Approved
  • Automated Capsulotomy
  • Digital Precision & Safety


  • Stitch-Less
  • US – FDA Approved
  • Manual Capsulotomy*

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